Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Smart Gardener

I have been dreaming of starting a garden for as long as I can remember. After moving to Boise and settling in a house with a HUGE backyard, it only seems natural to start one. I have to admit, I have cold feet. I think I am afraid of failure, afraid I will put all my time and energy into it and I won't have time to tend to it, afraid that I won't produce anything more than a carrot the size of my pinky :) Then there are all the questions... What should I grow? How much for a family of 5? What grows best out here in Boise? Today, I stumbled upon the coolest website: Smart Gardener. It's an online tool that helps you create a personalized garden plan, tells you which plants are the best for your area, and even helps you with a to do list and journal. It's almost as if I can't fail! This site is just too cool and I've already started an account. The best part? It's free!

Happy Gardening!!

Love, Mrs. Sweet

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